Braudrick Homes program is great for anyone looking for a beautiful home for the lowest possible cost. This program utilizes efficient designs, which means that virtually all waste is eliminated from the home.

When you buy a new car you go and purchase one with the latest technology – not an old manual transmission with a carbureted engine. When you purchase a new TV your not looking for something with transistor tubes or a black and white unit. No, rather you want the best and latest technology. You know the quality is better and that the science is better. So why would you want to build a home in the same way they were built in 1973? We have better product, better technology, truly better ways to plan, design and build today. Let us show you how by using modern building practices you can get more home, a better  home…for less money! Often for less even than an older used home!

For example - a sheet of plywood typically measures 4' x 8'; with Braudrick Homes, our roofs are designed in such a way to minimize cuts, saving money on labor and materials. The entire house is designed this way, from the trusses to the cabinetry, so you get a beautiful, well-built home for less than what track home builders charge.

Braudrick Homes are large, room homes that offer:

  • Sold construction with true OSB walls and solar board roofing

  • Quality high end insulation and weatherproofing to ensure a tight home with low cost utilities

  • Energy Star or Equivalent Construction

  • Stained Concrete floors

  • Quality dual paned Low E Vinyl windows

  • Plenty of storage and large garages

  • All wood cabinetry and all stainless steel appliances

  • Pre-planned designs that are easy to finance and permit

  • Typical build times of four to six months

  • Flooplan designs ranging from 1300 sq ft to 3000 sq ft

The Braudrick Homes program is designed to give you the most house for your home building dollar. Email us today to schedule and appointment time to discuss your new Braudrick Home!


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