One of our specialties is remodeling. Regardless of whether it is a major tear out and rebuild, or a historic remodel or something as simple as a bathroom or kitchen. We can help!

All of the same contacts and discounts and options apply just as with our new home construction but the savings are even large. We regularly save our clients as much as 50% on a remodel job versus hiring a quality general contractor and to top that off our jobs are always done to a higher standard!

Unlike the average remodel job where you are basically hiring a handyman with a truck. We treat the job with the same quality outlook as we do any other construction project! We will assign only the best specialized workers to each element of the job so that a true specialist does your work versus someone who is just a handy worker. And because of our extensive contacts in new homes as well as commercial construction you will realize dramatic cost reductions on labor as well as materials. The truth is that the average remodeling company just doesn’t have the buying power that we do!

A perfect example is this – our remodel clients all have added more value to their home than the cost of the job. For example: The Sengals spent $35,000 adding a “bonus room” above their garage but they increased the cash value of the home by over $90,000.00.

Their cheapest quote from anyone else was $75,000 to do the same job and most quotes were well over $100,000.00.

So please contact us for a free Site Review with you at your project site and let us show you how we can save you money and build you a better home!


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