We work with a number of suppliers, vendors, contractors and sub-contractors.  They are selected based on a number of key criteria that include competitive prices, customer service, quality of product and/or service, warranties and guarantees, convenient locations, hours of operations, product selection, payment and financing plans, reliability, delivery options, and proven performance working with the our program and our clients.  Our Preferred Vendors are not selected based on the lowest price available because our requirement for quality service and high quality products/materials can often cost more.

We establish and maintain Preferred Vendor Partnerships with select vendors.  Some of those Preferred Vendors pay an allowance or other fees for marketing and promotional services.  To maintain a true advocate role, we and our employees are prohibited from accepting any monetary or other forms of compensations from your suppliers and subcontractors.

Our Preferred Vendor philosophy is “Let the Best Company Win” our clients’ business.  Our clients benefit from Preferred Vendor Partnerships by the increased volume purchases and the enhanced relationships these programs generate.  You pay the actual cost of materials and subcontractors with no markup by us. You are not required to buy any products, materials or services from Preferred Vendors, designated suppliers or subcontractors, which helps to ensure our vendors give competitive pricing.


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